"He is your friend, your partner, your defender: he's your dog."

The standard

Massive skull. When viewed from the front the skull is square in shape with chiseled features, a furrow between the eyes and pronounced cheek muscles. When viewed in profile the distance from the tip of the nose to the stop is equal to the distance from the stop to the occiput.

The nasal bone is so formed that the nose is slightly higher at the tip than the muzzle at the stop.

Eyes are preferably dark or hazel in color. Eyelids rimmed in black or pink or a combination of both. Black being preferred. The expression is alive and intelligent but with a remarkable intensity at the same time.

Nostrils well developed and wide open. Black in color. Pink on the nose is permissible provided the majority of the nose is black.

Close fitting, edged with black. NOTE: Close fitting lips are required to permit the Dogo to breath through the corners of the mouth when holding the prey.

Scissors or level bite is preferred. Undershot bite is acceptable but should not be visible (protruding) when the jaws are closed, as in the Bulldog. Strong with large teeth similarly shaped and sized. The four canine teeth must be especially large and clean. The number of molars is not important.

Cropped or uncropped. Cropped ears should be short, erect or semi erect set high on the head, triangular in shape. Uncropped ears are wide at the base and tapering to a rounded point. Medium to heavy leather, carried close to the head, folded, rose or semi-rose. NOTE: Uncropped ears can have heavy spotting or can be solid black or brindle. This coloring is not to be penalized.

Thick, arched and flexible with the skin at the throat very thick. The crest of the neck should flow to the base of the skull without the occipital bone being prominent. NOTE: The skin must be loose to permit it to slide over the body so that in fighting the teeth or claws of the prey wound only the skin and not the flesh. Flexibility of the skin over the throat so permits the Dogo to move rapidly to grab the prey.

Quite broad, deep and well muscled, extending to or below the elbows.

Straight with upright pasterns.

Length of toes in proportion with feet, well arched and closely spaced. Pads are thick and tough.

The back is strong with well-developed muscles. The loin of the back is the highest curving gently towards the croup.

Muscular and powerful with good angulations. Hocks well let down. Dewclaws, if any, are to be removed. NOTE: The hindquarters must be very muscular since the speed of the Dogo and his ability to hold his prey are dependent on this.

Long and thick. The Tail does not extend beyond the hock. At rest the Tail is carried down and when in chase or at with prey the Tail is carried up.

White. Markings on the head, including eye patch, are permissible. Minimal ticking on the coat is permissible. Patches of color on the coat, other than the head are to be severely faulted. Skin pigmentation is not to be penali


Must be in proportion with the size of the dog. Overweight or poorly conditioned Dogos must be severely faulted.

The Dogo must always be in hard condition and field ready.

Dogs over one year of age, minimum 25 inches at the shoulder. Bitches over one year of age, minimum 231 inches at the shoulder. All other points being equal the taller, heavier Dogo is to be preferred provided he is balanced and in condition. Disqualification dogs and bitches over one year of age and under minimum height.


  • Blue or China eyes. Deafness.
  • Overshot bite. Visible or excessive undershot bite.
  • Loose lips hanging below lower jaw. Long hair.
  • Dogs over one year of age and under 25" at the shoulder.
  • Bitches over one year of age and under 23" at the shoulder.
  • Very short and thick, smooth and glossy.

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